Virtual Assistants for Hire Transcriptionists

With the recent and rapid rise of transcription services, many businesses all over the world, take advantage of the trend, deciding to do all the transcribing tasks at overseas locations. But what does a ‘transcription’ task involve?

Transcription is very popular in various professional aspects of the industry – journalism, medicine, and law, to name a few. This task basically includes the conversion of videos, images, and audio into an understandable text format.

For dependable transcriptionists, many companies look for talents in the Philippines. That is because Filipinos are not just capable of providing unparalleled services at very competitive rates; they are also known for their exceptional English language skills.

Whether you are looking for long-term or short-term transcription services, we can provide dedicated transcriptionists, who can perform various functions, including but not limited to:


Medical Transcription


Legal Transcription


Law Enforcement Transcription


General Transcription


Financial Transcription

For more information on how to hire dedicated remote full-time staff on this discipline simply contact us now.