No matter the size of the business, the human resources department plays a vital part as they look after an employee’s well-being. They take care of the needs of every employee, including the benefits, recruitment, legal business issues, employee dissatisfaction, and most importantly, payroll.

Today, the responsibilities of the HR department go beyond that. Because of that, firms decide to offload certain HR functions and let a professional outsourced HR specialists work with them offshore.

Outsourcing HR functions create greater efficiency in your business. Supporting Enterprises is one of the best solutions you have to save money and improve the quality of your services. We offer you the level of flexibility you need, no matter the size of your business, while ensuring the practice of legal laws. That being said, you will be able to focus on the core of your business while your offshore HR specialist will take care of your human resources aspect.

Here at Supporting Enterprises, we can help you find a reliable and experienced HR practitioners based in the Philippines, who can perform various functions, including but not limited to:


Recruitment / Job Placement


Labour and employee relations


Training and development


Employee benefits and compensations


HR management

For more information on how to hire dedicated remote full-time staff on this discipline simply contact us now.